Welcome to our featured snowmobile page. Here you’ll find a few of our hottest in stock snowmobile models. Being a proud Yamaha dealer, we carry the full line-up of Yamaha snowmobiles. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss all of the options available so that we can recommend the snowmobile that would be ideal for you. RL Equipment, serving the snowmobiling communities of Sudbury, North Bay, Verner, Sturgeon Falls and everywhere in between.

The carbureted base model RSVenture has enjoyed a lengthy run by providing a quality touring model at an attractive price. This is a snowmobile that won't let you down, when the name of the game is big miles in a comfortable ride. For you and your passenger, the RSVenture is the two-up that makes sense year after year. Read more >>
With huge power and torque generated by the new Genesis Turbo engine for unmatched acceleration and this sled is hard to beat in the cross country category. Read more >>
Working in the snow is a way of life for many people. When you need a snowmobile that can provide long hours of service at an attractive price, the Venture MP hits it out of the park. Standard towing hitch, a large footprint and roomy rear rack provide the practical touches, while the Genesis Sport Performance engine gives the reliability to go to even the most remote location. Read more >>
The VK Professional II has been tested, proven, and then tested more in some of the most bone-chilling conditions on earth. Every part of this snowmobile, from the bodywork, to the riding position, the engine, the track and the chassis has been manufactured and designed with one goal in mind, to make it the best utility snowmobile on the market. Read more >>
The ability to ride well in any situation is a quality in itself. On almost every ride, a snowmobiler can find themselves in different terrain and changing snow conditions. That's when the value of a Viper X-TX SE shows itself with the power, track length and suspension package to conquer it all. Quite simply, the Viper X-TX SE is the best of all worlds. Read more >>
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