JOHN DEERE X300 Select Series

The grass is always greener around here. Enjoy effortless steering and speed control. The X300 Series deliver all this and more with available four-wheel steering, and easy-to-operate Twin Touch foot pedals. A combination you won't find anywhere else in the industry.   Take the X370 and X390. Along with a 15-inch open-back seat, both feature power steering for precision turns and are equipped with power-lift for handling heavy attachments with ease. The real power comes from the 18.5-hp and 22-hp, iTorque Power Systems. The responsiveness, from the Twin Touch foot pedals for pinpoint control forward or reverse. The X300 Series also features the new Accel Deep deck, with Mulch Control options and more efficient cutting. With heavier frames and heavier duty components, the X300 Series is a step above the D100 Series and is perfect for those who want compromised performance and durability. Here are some details on the models that we currently have in stock. Click on the link bellow to go to John Deere's website showing all models available.  

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