John Deere 4 Family Tractors

Warning: Once you read this, you'll want to take a drive. First to our dealership, then in the seat of a 4 Family Tractor. Trust us, experiencing the 4 Family Tractors is worth that drive. You'll like the feel of control, the feel of John Deere quality, the feel of comfortable.

There's a reason these tractors feel right. Available from 44 to 66 engine horsepower, the 4 Family is designed and nuilt at the John Deere factory in Grovetown, Georgia, a little closer to home than many compact utility tractors. The men and women who work at Grovetown are part of a long tradition of building John Deere quality. A tradition that runs all the way back to John Deere himself, a 19th century Vermont blacksmith who developed an innovative plow that turned Midwestern prairies into highly productive cropland.


For more than 175 years the company John Deere founded has been linked to those who work the land; committed to providing the equipment, technology, and reliability that gets the job done. Get out and try one, because we know you'll enjoy the ride.


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