John Deere 3 Family Tractors

What's the difference between a tractor...and a John Deere? Here's a hint: It's not just about the raw materials - iron and steel, rubber and glass. It's not about the advanced technology found on the factory floor. When it comes to what makes a John Deere tractor like no other - it boils down to the engineers ans skilled craftsmen who design and assemble the compact utility tractors right in Augusta, Georgia. People with a profound sens of integrity - who take a great pride in building every John Deere to a higher standard. A standard built on more than 175 years of experience working land. A standard that you'll find in every nut, every bolt, and every weld on the new 3 Family Compact Utility Tractors.  

From the workhorse 3E Series to the all-new, all-premium 3R Series, take a close look and you'll find powerful diesel engines, ready to work when you are. You'll find standard four-wheel drive for tough chores in tougher ground, high-capacity hydraulics that make loader work a pleasure, transmissions with intuitive, easy to use controls, and hundreds of compatible implements and attachments. But most of all, you'll find out exactly what we mean when we say... Nothing Runs Like A Deere.


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