2017 YAMAHA Venture Mulit Purpose

Working in the snow is a way of life for many people. When you need a snowmobile that can provide long hours of service at an attractive price, the Venture MP hits it out of the park. Standard towing hitch, a large footprint and roomy rear rack provide the practical touches, while the Genesis Sport Performance engine gives the reliability to go to even the most remote location.

Yamaha Genesis Sport Performance Engine

  • 2 Cylinder
  • 499cc
  • Yamaha YXRC clutch
  • 43mm fuel-injection
  • 8.7 gal (32.9L) fuel capacity

ProComfort 144 Rear Skid

  • Camoplast Ripsaw
  • 16 x 144 x 1.25"
  • 12.3" travel

Built for work

  • Tall windshield
  • Standard tow hitch
  • Rear storage rack

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