The B-TX SE is pointed directly at riders who play east of the mountains. Equipped with features normally found on dedicated mountain sleds like mountain tunnel, lightweight skid frame, and mountain spindles. The B-TX uses a slightly wider ski stance at 40 inches and is calibrated for low altitude to squeeze every ounce of performance out of its new Genesis Turbo engine. An all new 153x 1.75 Back Country X track offers plenty of deep snow flotation with the ability to lay it down reliably on the trail when required. Tall mountain bars and seat gives rider mobility to handle the back country with ease. Read more >>
The carbureted base model RSVenture has enjoyed a lengthy run by providing a quality touring model at an attractive price. This is a snowmobile that won't let you down, when the name of the game is big miles in a comfortable ride. For you and your passenger, the RSVenture is the two-up that makes sense year after year. Read more >>
L-TX SE is a good option for aggressive trail riders who like to push the limits of their suspension. Read more >>
With huge power and torque generated by the new Genesis Turbo engine for unmatched acceleration and this sled is hard to beat in the cross country category. Read more >>


On March 1st, Yamaha introduced their 2017 lineup of snowmobiles…And it’s a game changer! Completely new models and the return of a legend.

Yamaha has introduced industry first turbo technologies in their new Sidewinder snowmobile.

We are proud to announce our latest addition to our marine product line; Skeeter high performance fishing boats!

Hang on tight folks… Things are about to get interesting September 1st!

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